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Project: EdenTest - An ATDD testing framework built using Robot Framework

Name : Arnav Sharma
Mentor: Dominic König


Time : Monday 0700 UTC

Venue : Hangouts (Contact -

Meeting Doc:


Date Goal Remarks Status
11th May Integrate redsin's edentest into Sahana Eden Commit Completed
11th May Simplify the directory structure and get EdenTest merged #767 Merged
18th May Documentation on how to set up Robot framework + run the tests EdenTest Completed
19th May Write a setup script for EdenTest which uses pip/easy_install Commit Pull request #790 Merged
22nd May Documentation on how to write new tests Writing testcases for EdenTest Completed
5th June Wrote the article on Advanced Test Design Advanced Test Design Completed
7th June Fixed the -Independent- aspect of EdenTest Pull request #792 Merged
8th June Wrote keywords for testing Sunflower Pull request #792 Merged
10th June Created a RF EdenTest library for Sahana Pull request #818 Yet to be merged
11th June Created an Eden interface with the EdenTest library which runs in web2py Commit Approach discarded
26th June A controller to respond to get requests made by EdenTest Commit To be reviewed
27th June Modified RF EdenTest library so that it works on remote servers as well, discarded the above Eden Interface Commit To be reviewed
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