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    6262|| IRC || - each team must designate, at least, one person to communicate with members of other teams and the code-fest organizers through the IRC channel (#sahana-meeting). Any exchange of instructions, literature surveys, code snippets, or discussions will happen on the IRC channel. ||
    6363|| Wiki writers || Technical writer(s) who would contribute to documenting the Blueprints and User Guides ||
    64 || QA Testers ||  ||
    6564|| Programmers || - Software programmers competent working with any of the source code in the CAP-enabled software tools are essential. They will communicate with Domain Experts and Code-fest Program Committee determine the solutions for the given objects. Some of you may be inclined to  work on Quality Assurance with some testing. However, designating, at least, one member for testing would ensure bug free code for other teams to reliably adopt ||
    6665|| CAP Experts || - each team will have, at least, one person exposed to the CAP standard. Several members, participating in the CAP Jump Start and CAP Implementation Workshops will be participating in the Code-fest. They will contribute to the design and testing of the three objectives. ||