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    1111We are applying a Goal Improvement HCI Methodology to experiment with enhancing software components for interchanging various alerting message between the CAP-enabled software tools. For such we have identified the following exercises:
    12121. '''Emulate a Google Alerthub''' - test base for experimenting with RSS/Atom feeds for a Common Operating Picture; using the Sahana-Eden’s Crisis Map with spatial and temporal filtering capabilities.
    13 1. Discussion on the '''Design of the "FIA Reference Service"''' - brainstorming session for publishers of CAP alerts. FIA Register is a free service (referenced in the FIA Guidelines) intended to provide access to pictographs and logos, as well as rules for selecting CAP alerts and some other types of common use resources.
     131. Discussion on the '''Design of the "FIA Reference Service"''' - quick evaluation of the data model and API intended to provide access to event type and action oriented pictographs
    14141. '''Pictographs in Alerting''' - Develop a Sahana (OData-like) S3XML data structure to CRUD pictographs used in alerting. The teams will determine the optimal set of CAP elements to build in to the HTTP RESTful Request APIs. Thereafter, the CAP Editor, Mobile CAP Tool, and ITU CAP Software will use the APIs to publish a message with the pictograph
    15151. '''Scientific Parameter Validation''' - Establish a set of parameters for exchanging measurement data; first document the norms in the Sahana wiki; then enhance each of the CAP-enabled tools to use the parameter values to change the visualization (e.g. flash flood water height to display the inundation region on a map).