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EDXL Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Code-fest

Place: Orion IT City Park

Date: 19 June 2014


  • Sahana Eden CAP Broker
  • CAPEditor
  • Google Pubsubhubbub
  • Mobile HTML5/JS publisher
  • Simple Alert (possibly not ???)
  • Microsoft (talk to Peter)


  • value click code-fest + Google atom/rss (pubsubhub)+ high wind event <param>??? use existing CAP temple + broader, narrower, take advantage of caching REST ???
  • pictographs (action orient words, what fonts, what languages) thesaurus - Sahana Pictographs database


  1. Eliot Christian (link to profile ???), CAP Program Committee Chair
  2. Elysa Jones, OASIS EM-TC Chair
  3. Nuwan Waidyanatha, Sahana Software Foundation Standards & Interoperability Chair and LIRNEasia Senior Research Fellow
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