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EDXL Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Code-fest

Place: Orion IT City Park

Date: 19 June 2014

Software Tools

Software tool name coding platform team contact documentation Python/Web2Py/PostgreSQL Nuwan Waidyanatha, Francis Boon , Dominic Konig CAP Broker Blueprint
CAPEditor Java Eliot Christian
Google Pubsubhubbub Java talk to Steve Hakusa (and/or Nigel) ??? A simple, open, webhook based pubsub protocol & open source reference implementation
Mobile HTML5/JS publisher HTML5/JS Art Botterell Incidents dot com
Microsoft MS ASP.NET (talk to Peter ???) Silver bullet
Value Click
Other other skills other team contact other documentation

Scenarios (use cases)

  • value click
    • build on their previous code-fest experience
    • combine with the alert advertising consortium
  • Google pubsubhub test - talk to Steve and Nigel to help set up a test base, consider bogus alerts linking through rss/atom ???
  • high wind event setting - window sellers want to warn of sever wind alert to their clients, some coding with adding a <param> to an existing CAP temple
  • pictographs - towards a Sahana Pictographs database
    • is essentially a thesaurus (not an Ontology???)
    • consider for broader and narrower casting (Eliot - pls elaborate)
    • take advantage of caching
    • use RESTfull call for receiving the "pictograph" object with images, sound, and text (e.g. action oriented words, what fonts and what languages to use: UN 5 main languages?)


  1. Eliot Christian (link to profile ???), CAP Program Committee Chair
  2. Elysa Jones, OASIS EM-TC Chair
  3. Nuwan Waidyanatha, Sahana Software Foundation Standards & Interoperability Chair and LIRNEasia Senior Research Fellow
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