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SahanaCamp and Sahana Conference @ ITOX

The Sahana Software Foundation is holding a number of events in parallel with the Indian Ocean Tsunami 10th (abbreviated as IOTX) Anniversary convention in Colombo Sri Lanka.The IOTX satellite events around Sahana activities are:

SahanaCamp IOTX

Wednesday 19th June @ Virtusa, Orion City IT Park, Colombo, Sri Lanka

SahanaCamp IOTX will be a participatory workshop on the Sahana Disaster Management Information System. As a SahanaCamp IOTX participants you will:

  • Be introduced to real-world Sahana disaster management solutions
  • Get hands on experience using Sahana to manage information and make decisions in a disaster simulation.
  • Analyse of how Sahana could be used in your organisation

SahanaCamp IOTX is aimed at people working for a disaster management agencies and organizations or those involved in disaster management research.

Registration will be opening 14th February 2014.

Sahana Conference

Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd June 2014 @ WSO2, Colombo, Sri Lanka The Sahana Annual Conference is an time for member of the Sahana community to gathering together to dedicate time into collaborating, sharing experiences & ideas and plan ways to improve Sahana. There will be time for community to lead their own workshops as well as social events and meals together. Sahana’s Annual General Meeting will also take place during the conference.

Annual General Meeting - Presentations

Presentations from the officers of the Sahana Software Foundation on the activities of the past year.

Social Event

Social outing to enjoy some local attraction in Sri Lanka as a group

Sahana BarCamp

Opportunity for all members of the Sahana Community to give a presentation or lead a discussion, exercise or coding session.

Friday 20th June Morning 9am-12pm Annual General Meeting - Presentations
Afternoon 1pm-5pm Social Event
Evening 7pm Group Dinner
Saturday 21st June Morning 9am-12pm Sahana BarCamp
Afternoon 1pm-5pm Sahana BarCamp
Evening 7pm Group Dinner
Sunday 22nd June Morning 9am-12pm Annual General Meeting
Afternoon 1pm-5pm Sahana BarCamp / Board Meeting

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