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    2121== Facilitators ==
    2222[ Nuwan Waidyanatha] and [ Manzul Hazarika]
     23== Meeting Announcement ==
     24Sahana Software Foundation and the Asian Institute of Technology in collaboration with the Maldivian National Disaster Management Center is organizing a workshop in the Maldives. It is primarily to kickoff the '''[ CAP-on-a-Map]''' project aiming to ''improve institutional responsiveness to coastal hazards through multi-agency situational-awareness''; through a grant made possible by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission of Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP). The project intentions complement NDMC's proactive commitment to mitigating the impact of disasters on the Maldivian people and its economy. Maldives is vulnerable to natural tsunami, cyclone, and earthquake hazards. It is also responsible for the safety of the mission plus visitors that enjoy the archipelago. The project will span over 18 months and will develop capacity to implement the all-hazard all-media Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) interoperable risk communication standard along with the associated operating procedures. Instrumental to the project is the Sahana Alerting and Messaging Broker (SAMBRO) software that will be implemented at a National level for managing the sharing risk information across all relevant risk management agencies. The workshop will bring together alerting authorities, emergency first-responders, communications service providers, and other relevant organizations in the Maldives to participate in the workshop. The day long event will take place on April 15th, 2015 at the Nasandhura Palace Hotel, Male. It designed to foster a discussion between the project implementers and the emergency communication system users towards determining the optimal strategies and activities for operationalizing the Sahana software-enabled multi-agency situational-awareness platform.
    2326== Schedule ==
    2427==== DAY 01 - Monday 16th[[BR]] ====