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    2121The said workshop is one of the activities under the UNESCAP funded project called “Cap on a Map”. Philippines now joins Myanmar and Maldives, which were from the beginning in the project.  It aims to augment the capacities of the national agencies for issuing early warnings using a multi-agency all-hazard/all-media approach and improve the response capacities of Philippines as a participating country by improving the situational awareness at the time of a disaster. It is being proposed to develop and operationalize a CAP (Common Alert Protocol) enabled [ Sahana Alerting and Messaging Broker] ('''SAMBRO''')  platform in order to provide location specific alerts/warnings and integrate all the stakeholders through a common information exchange hub for better coordination at the time of a disaster.[[br]][[br]]
    2222In view of the above, we would like to invite you or your representative to participate in the workshop.  Please find attached a copy of the program, for your reference. Thank you and we look forward to receiving your response about the matter on your convenient time but not later than '''Wednesday 15 July 2015'''[[br]][[br]]
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    2525== Facilitators ==