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    6666Add a feature to show when the budget is likely to be exceeded. Show the impact of tweaking the resources especially retiring resources early. Feature to drill-down into this budget & edit options.
     68=== SitRep Aggregation ===
     69SitRep Aggregation
     71We currently have a very basic SitRep module in Eden where we can write a RichText report &/or add a file attachment. There are cases where the SitReps for different Districts should be aggregated at the next higher level (e.g. Province or Division).
     73For the Rich-Text, I see this as creating a section for each District with a Section Header added and all the Heading levels taken down a notch: H1s -> H2s, etc
     75SitReps can also include hard numbers though, like #affected, #dead, #wounded, #missing, #displaced, # staff, #volunteers, # vehicles, #shelters, etc then obviously these should be totalled in the aggregated report.
     77So, we need a way to store these in the SitRep: I would suggest a KeyValue system: doc_sitrep_tag.
     79This would be like the ones for gis_location (amongst others):
     80Note how these are added to the parent resource as a 'Component':
     82This model should be added to the SitRep class (I don't think we need a separate class here):
     84For UI, this could be a Tab, as it is for gis_location, or could be an Inline form. I think the Inline form is better, generally better UX & works better for when the sitrep is itself on a tab (e.g. of the Event or Org)
     85Inline form: (Can add KV like Files)
     87Tabs: (Need to add an rheader like this to SitReps)
     89Ideally XSLT would be provided to import the Tags:
     90[Example of a KV in an XSLT file]
     91[File which needs modifying]
     93I have provided an initial UI for the aggregation: i.e. there is a hook for a new 'consolidate' method which is called
     94with the selected sitreps. The consolidate method needs writing. It would look something like this:
    6899== MORE STUFF ==
    69100=== Join the !WebEx session ===