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Why replace PHP with Python?

We believe we can attract more developers if we change from PHP to Python.

PHP is not a good language for building large, maintainable applications:

  • especially when using it to write out complex Javascript (the syntaxes are always tripping you up)
  • doesn't enforce Object Orientation
  • poor separation of Presentation & Code

Python is fully Object Oriented ('everything is an Object')

Python is an interpreted language, similar to PHP & relatively easy for developers to adapt to.

Java would be a reasonable choice, but the barrier to entry with Java is much harder - setting up the compiler environment, etc

  • this doesn't fit the RAD needs of the project.
  • we can still access any useful Java libs via Jython:

Ruby-on-Rails might be a good choice, but that's primarily for Web2.0 apps still & Sahana is more than just that.
Performance is also worse than for Python:

Python also supports a wide range of libraries for adding extra functionality, including in the GIS space:
(There are no PHP libraries for GIS)

Python is also the language in which the Trac support infrastructure is written.

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