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What can different users in SAMBRO do?

There are six types of users in SAMBRO as of 2016-10-11

  1. ANONYMOUS -> The public users(having no login account)
  2. AUTHENTICATED -> Users having login account with minimal permissions. All other users except anonymous are authenticated plus the designated role.
  3. MAP_ADMIN -> This role is mostly given to the GIS technical personnel in the office.
  4. ALERT_EDITOR -> They can create, edit the alert and submit the alert for approval.
  5. ALERT_APPROVER -> Besides Authorizing Message to disseminate (publish), they can also act as CAP Editor.
  6. ADMIN -> They are the superuser. They are granted with all the permissions.

The detailed list of different roles with permissions are listed here.

Can approved alerts be edited?

No the approved alerts cannot be edited, or deleted. Usually in the CAP world, if there is a mistake, error or have to cancel the previous alert,
you need to create another alert that reference this alert. In SAMBRO, this can be achieved simply via a click a button. More details here

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