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Why Trac?

Whilst we planned to use Launchpad as the main development-support tool, we needed to supplement this with a Wiki since LP doesn't include one yet (there are many requests to have this gap filled).

We need the Wiki for:

  • Blueprints development
  • Developer documentation
  • User documentation (in time)

Trac is an excellent development-support tool with integrated Wiki, Bugtracker & Roadmap/Milestones.
The focus of the project at this point in time is one on development, so choosing a Wiki to meet this seems the most appropriate

Comparison of Projectmanagement-Software says "Even missing basic project management features, Trac is probably the best tool for managing software projects of any size. -> Highly Recommended!"

Trac can also be used as a general-purpose project management tool (use instead of BaseCamp):

  • Tasks can be added as Tickets.
  • Milestones can be put into the Roadmap.
  • Milestones & Tickets can be displayed in a Calendar view

A nice feature of Trac is the integrated Timeline which helps provide a consolidated feed of all current activities in the project.
This could be a good basis for a manual newsletter in time but stands-alone well-enough as-is.

Trac is extendable: BluePrintTrac

Once we get to User documentation, then perhaps we should switch to Dokuwiki, as per the current Sahana ones:

(Another option could be MoinMoin to keep the Python/WSGI infrastructure instead of adding PHP)

For developer documentation, we might want to look at Sphinx for storing the mature docs, especially as it's so popular in the Python world. To ease migration, we could start by using RST for Trac docs:


Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.