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Why Trac?

Whilst we planned to use Launchpad as the main development-support tool, we needed to supplement this with a Wiki since LP doesn't include one yet (there are many requests to have this gap filled).

We need the Wiki for:

  • Blueprints development
  • Developer documentation
  • User documentation (in time)

Trac is an excellent development-support tool with integrated Wiki, Bugtracker & Roadmap/Milestones.
The focus of the project at this point in time is one on development, so choosing a Wiki to meet this seems the most appropriate

Comparison of Projectmanagement-Software says "Even missing basic project management features, Trac is probably the best tool for managing software projects of any size. -> Highly Recommended!"

Trac is also an excellent general-purpose project management tool:

  • Tasks can be added as Tickets.
  • Milestones can be put into the Roadmap.

A nice feature of Trac is the integrated Timeline which helps provide a consolidated feed of all current activities in the project.
This could be a good basis for a manual newsletter in time but stands-alone well-enough as-is.

Trac has many plugins available:
We already use these:

These others look most interesting/maintained:

Stuff we'd like to see developed

Once we get to User documentation, then perhaps we should switch to Dokuwiki, as per the current Sahana:

(Another option could be MoinMoin to keep the Python/WSGI infrastructure instead of adding PHP)


Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.