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    185185* The full text search functionality is integrated in modules/s3/, the fulltext() does the work.
    186 * The flow is: First the TEXT query goes to transform() function, which would split the query recursively and then transform the query.
    187 * After transforming, the query with TEXT operator will go to fulltext() function and would search for the keywords in the indexed documents.
    188 * It will retrieve document ids and then covert into a BELONGS S3ResourceQuery.
    189 * The code sample for the fulltext() is in ''models/s3/''
     186* So, The process is:
     187First there will be a filter (a new submodule for TextFilter called FullTextFilter) which would generate the query with the TEXT operator.[[BR]]
     188Then, The query would do a select() call of the extraction of records with the transform=True parameter.[[BR]]
     189Then, in select(), we call the resource.get_query -> rfilter.get_query() -> transform()[[BR]]
     190So, in rfilter.get_query, we will transform the TEXT query to a BELONGS S3ResourceQuery by using transform() and fulltext() function[[BR]]
     191Note: fulltext() will extract the record ids through Lucene, by giving Lucene the text which the user entered into the filter.[[BR]]
     192After generating the BELONGS S3ResourceQuery with the set of ids, we he convert it to a DAL Query.[[BR]]
     193So, this is query is returned back to select and a db call for extracting records from this query(filter) will be extracted.[[BR]]
     194Finally, we display the records with an extra field into the display which will be the document file field name.
     197Note: Still left to design the structure for extracting snippets from the query and displaying it along with the records are left.(a @ToDo).[[BR]]
    191201=== Unit Test ===