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    22== Comparson script ==
    35== Migration Script ==
    46All the functions that does the migration have been added to migration_scripts file . migration_scripts file internally calls the functions of migration_helping_methods file too perform the migration . Thus in order to do the migration one just needs to import migration_scripts and call the method corresponding to the migration he wants . Also the user who wishes to do the migration in the db doesn't have to know the internal functioning of migration_script , thus the functions or the methods declared in migration_helping_methods file doesn't concern him.
    8688||old_table_id_field ||The name of the id field in the original table||
    8789||old_table ||The name of the original table||
     91== Tests For the migration ==
     92== Links for the scrips ==
     93I have made it the database migration in the form of the library ,
     95   * This file contains all the functions for the actual migration [[br]]
     99   * This file contains all the functions that are used by the actual migration [[br]]
     102   * Made the test general for all the migration cases , as in made a menu from which the selected one is tested [[br]]
     106   * Also added the database schema comparison script to this library[[br]]
     110   * The tests for the app comparison are added in the tests folder , this folder also contains the new_model and old_model which are used by the test script to build two apps for coparison[[br]]
     111    Test Folder :
     112    Test Scrpit :