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Translation Functionality: User Guidelines


The translation functionality can be used only when logged in as an admin. Once logged in, go to Administration -> Translation from the menu. You will be able to see four options to help with translation. All the options are described below in detail.

Select modules which are to be translated

This option allows you to selectively retreive the strings based on the modules along with their location. For example, if you want to translate only the "req" and "inv" modules, then only the strings belonging to these two modules will be retreived.

  • You can choose to download the strings either in .xls format (spreadsheet) or in .po format (pootle).
  • There is a provision to "include core files" which is checked by default. This can be unchecked in case you have already translated the core module earlier.
  • Also, you can choose to "select all modules" .
  • A drop-down is available to select the language to which you want to translate. This is required as the strings which already have a translation in that language will be fetched along with their existing translations thereby reducing the work for translators. In case the language isn't present in the dropdown, you can add it by entering the language code in the text box provided.

Note : If "include core files" and/or "select all files" are checked, then it can take upto 1-2 minutes for the strings to be generated.

Upload the (completely or partially) translated csv file

This option allows to upload the csv file containing translations. It is not required that all the strings in the csv file are translated. Select the language code from the dropdown , upload the file and click "save". This will merge your translations with those already existing in the corresponding language file.

Note : The csv file that is uploaded must have all text cells quoted with double quotes.

View the module-wise percentage of translated strings

This will allow to get a report on the translation for a language file. The percentage of strings that are translated for each module for a given language file are displayed. Select the language from the dropdown to view the report. There is a master file containing all the strings in the code against which the language file is compared to calculate the percentage of translation. So, this master file is supposed to contain the latest strings in the code so that the calculated percentages are accurate. Hence, the "update master file" option is provided which will update the master file and then calculate the percentages.

Note : The updation of master file can take 1-2 minutes

Add strings manually through a text file

This feature allows to upload a text file containing "special" strings which the user wants to be considered for translation. All the strings in this file must be newline separated. You can upload many such files and all the strings in these files will appear in the spreadsheet/pootle file for translation.

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