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    5252== '''MODELS''' ==
    53 ===     ''''''                                             (This will run before the modified version of 000_config) ===
     53===                                            (This will run before the modified version of 000_config) ===
     167== CONTROLLERS ==
     168=== DEFAULT.PY ===
     170==== Def selector(): ====
     171If the session variable of the path is not set then I redirect the user from the index function to this function of the controller.
     172*       I will access the list of paths generated in the models while solving the database conflicts
     173*       And then there is a drop down menu to select the path ( the user will select the name, I will retrieve the path using the request.post_vars in the form.accepts and then set the path accordingly).We can create forms using  SELECT() function for the dropdown and FIELDSET() for creating a filed in the form
     175*       This function will also contain a field for creating a new eden
     176Selector will also contain an option for creating new eden . This should be need no network excess, I will execute statement by “exec” for copying the files from the existing eden to a new eden with a new name.
     177I will copy all the files except a few files like database logs, session and some other which are developed after you run the first time. After the script has run successfully
     179This part of the code should not take more than 4 days to code.
     182==== Def index(): ====
     183If the session variable is set then this part is executed. The main purpose of this is to create forms according to the needs. We will have a submit ,back and next button on the every form .
     185There should be a login form that would verify that admin is making changes in the settings. For this we will have to contact the database of the selected Eden.
     187The TABLE() function will be extremely useful for setting the user interface and SELECT() function for defining dropboxes. INPUT() will help us define check boxes and other input types. All the fields stored in modules for every setting will be sent to the user using INPUT() (jquery validation requirement, input type and default value ) and FIELDSET(for field id  and the keys of the,  setting variable are extremely important here)