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We would like to capture the names of all people that have contributed to the Sahana response to the Haiti 2010 Earthquake. Please add your name in alphabetical order sorted by surname, and also use some of these tags to identify what type of contribution(s) you made. Feel free to add other forms of support as appropriate.

We want to try and capture everyone that helped - or at least as many as possible! Feel free to add someone, or at least make them aware of this page so that we can add them and recognise their effort! In addition, for some people that require documented evidence of their contribution to a response effort, this page will be our formal record for their contribution.

  • advisor - provides humanitarian aid/emergency management domain advice
  • coordinator - advocacy, promotion and operational coordination of Sahana with third parties, related communities of interest such as standards groups (e.g. PFIF), Crisis Mappers etc
  • data entry - collection, entry and management of data entry tasks
  • development - code development, code management, bug patching etc
  • manager - internal management of the Sahana response
  • testing - testing, quality control, usability, UX etc
  • support - helping end users via email, IRC and other sources, producing documentation, editing wiki etc
  • sysadmin - management of servers, infrastructure, user approvals etc


format: Firstname Surname (irc handle) - contributions

Surnames A-M

  • David Bitner (bitner) -
  • Milad Fatenejad (fateneja) - request management system
  • Fran Boon (flavour) -
  • Praneeth Bodduluri (lifeeth) -
  • Matt Brown (mattb) - data entry, development (spreadsheet import)
  • Dominic König (nursix) -
  • Tim McNamara (timClicks) -

Surnames N-Z

  • Nico Preston (nicopresto) - request management system
  • Mark Prutsalis (mprutsalis) - manager, advisor, coordinator
  • Chamindra de Silva (chamindra) -
  • Gavin Treadgold (gavin_t) - advisor, coordinator, testing, support, sysadmin
  • Connie White (connie) - sysadmin, support, tester
  • Dan Zubey (dzubey) - sysadmin, support
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