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     1== Getting Data added to the Haiti Organization Registry ==
     3If you would like to help enter data into the Haiti Organization, the Sahana Organization Registry is a moderated system. Please register by clicking on the Login link on the upper right portion of the screen at we will try to accept you as quickly as possible.
     5Once you are a registered user you will be able to add Organizations and Offices.  Organizations contain the specific information about a responding organization.  Office contains the information about the direct location of an Organizations facilities.  An organization may have multiple offices.
     7Before adding any records, please check the listings first to see if that organization or office have already been entered.
     9If you are unable to register on our site or have large lists of data to enter, we do have some volunteers standing by to help get data into the system. Email haiti-orgs at googlegroups dot com with the following information:  Organization Full Name and any Acronym, Type of Organization (i.e. government, international NGO, private sector company, etc.), what sectors you are working in and your website.
     11Sectors should fit one or more of the following: Agriculture; Shelter and Non-Food Items; Coordination and Support Services; Food; Infrastructure and Rehabilitation; Security; Water and Sanitation; Education; Health; Protection and Human Rights and Rule of Law; andUrban Search and Rescue
     14Also please include your office locations (where you are working in Haiti) - where they are located (street address and/or GPS coordinates if known) and what is the name of the office (if any) and any contact information (name, e-mail address, phone numbers).