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    3333<chamindra> fist step would be to enter what is needed
    3434<chamindra> and it will be a list of items
     35chamindra> sometimes they will just say "food" or "water" without a quantity
     36<chamindra> but then you need to ask for how many people
     37<chamindra> which is why that field is there for
     38<chamindra> units are not compulsory
     39<scopatz> How specific does, say the food field need to be? 
     40<chamindra> IMO not very
     41<scopatz> For instance, is Rice good enough, or do we need to be very specific like Brown Rice
     42<scopatz> Ok,
     43<chamindra> possibly you can have a highlevel drop down category
     44<chamindra> :-)
     45<nicopresto> AJAX dropdown
     46<scopatz> Right that is what I was thinking
     47<chamindra> no ones going to care with the rice is brown or white right now me thinks :-)
     48<scopatz> because the alternative would be a foos string that then gets parsed
     49<chamindra> but you are right in some instances
     50<chamindra> like if it is pork or for religious reasons
     51<scopatz> *foods
     52<scopatz> Right point taken
     53<chamindra> so possible as you said one high level category
     54<scopatz> OK so we'll come up with a representative list for a drop down menu
     55<chamindra> food, water, aid, medical, etc
     56<scopatz> Great, that makes life easier for the matching
     57<chamindra> and a free text box for the sub category