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    3838<chamindra> units are not compulsory
    3939<scopatz> How specific does, say the food field need to be? 
     40<scopatz> For instance, is Rice good enough, or do we need to be very specific like Brown Rice
    4041<chamindra> IMO not very
    41 <scopatz> For instance, is Rice good enough, or do we need to be very specific like Brown Rice
    42 <scopatz> Ok,
    4342<chamindra> possibly you can have a highlevel drop down category
    44 <chamindra> :-)
    4543<nicopresto> AJAX dropdown
    4644<scopatz> Right that is what I was thinking
    4745<chamindra> no ones going to care with the rice is brown or white right now me thinks :-)
    48 <scopatz> because the alternative would be a foos string that then gets parsed
     46<scopatz> because the alternative would be a foods string that then gets parsed
    4947<chamindra> but you are right in some instances
    5048<chamindra> like if it is pork or for religious reasons
    51 <scopatz> *foods
    52 <scopatz> Right point taken
    5349<chamindra> so possible as you said one high level category
    5450<scopatz> OK so we'll come up with a representative list for a drop down menu
    6056<flavour> We have an AJAX autocomplete widget in SahanaPy
    6157<flavour> I can help with that
    62 <chamindra> ok great
    6358<flavour> For use where dropdowns become unwieldy
     59scopatz> Maybe we'll add that later, I think the goal now is to get the basic RMS up and running
     60<flavour> scopatz: Yes, that's icing...getting *something* quickly is key
     62<chamindra> also you will have many types of items per request
     63<chamindra> one request will consist of multiple items (like a shopping list)
     64<chamindra> so each one needs type, description, units, quantity
     65<chamindra> but you can consider the whole request being from one contact, phone, and for n number of people
     66<chamindra> good ot have a backup phone and contact as well, in case the primary disappears
     67<chamindra> but that is options
     68<chamindra> optional
     70<chamindra> one last bit
     71<chamindra> and that is the matching part
     72<chamindra> once you get a request.. you can do a lookup and see if there is a potential match for it in the pledges
     73<chamindra> and visa versa
     74<chamindra> so even immidiately as they are on the call, they can respond saying there might be some options
     75<chamindra> at the end of the request, show a lit of potential full and partial matches to the request