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    1212Keep it real simple to start with - get something usable quickly, which we can then refine later if we gets needs to do so.
    14 UPDATE - 100117
    15   * Added draft of rms to launchpad branch (~uwthw/sahana/rms)
    16   * Draft script for Cron job of GeoRSS feed from Ushahidi is in applications/sahana/cron/
    17    * TODO write check for duplicates in GUID
    18    * TODO get access to older Ushahidi logs
    19    * TODO scrape additional data from Ushahidi link in each record (e.g. category)
    20    * Need Cron job timing decision and command to be written
     14'''STATUS''' - experimental (100117@15:32 CT)
    22 STATUS - experimental
     16  * ~~Added draft of rms to launchpad branch (~uwthw/sahana/rms)~~(100117@02:30)
     17  * Added 2nd_draft of rms to launchpad branch (~uwthw/sahana/rms)
    2319  * form for request (sahana/rms/request_aid) & pledge (sahana/rms/pledge_aid)
    2420   * no data validation
    2521   * limited formatting
     22  * form to view sms feeds from Ushahidi
    28   * build logic for matching pledge and request
     26  * build logic for matching pledge and request (PRIORITY)
     27  * add multiple pledge items to pledge form
     28  * customize sms form to filter/sort & remove add functionality
     29  * standardize this wiki page with the other project pages
     31'''DONE''' - (100117 @15:32 CT)
     33  * Draft script for Cron job of GeoRSS feed from Ushahidi is in applications/sahana/cron/
     34   * ~~TODO write check for duplicates in guid~~
     35   * ~~TODO change RSS feed to short feed~~
     36   * ~~TODO get access to older Ushahidi logs~~ (used short feed)
     37   * ~~TODO scrape additional data from Ushahidi link in each record (e.g. category)~~ (used short feed)
     38   * ~~TODO Cron job timing decision and command to be written~~ (uncomment in cron to run every 5 min)
     44[11:29am] nicopresto: would screenshots be helpful?
     45[11:32am] flavour: screenshots 4 what?
     46[11:32am] flavour: For the User Manual?
     47[11:32am] flavour:
     48[11:32am] flavour: We have paolo volunteerting to help with user manuals once code has stablised  a bit
     49[11:33am] nicopresto: screenshots of the rms as we build it .. will check guidelines
     50[11:33am] flavour: You can ping him directly:
     51[11:51am] nicopresto: mprutsalis: we briefly outlined were we made it to on the wiki ( We have request and post forms, then wrote a cron job for getting the GeoRSS. We'll update the cron to the new feed link you sent. We're currently checking over the forms to get them ready for dev
     52[11:52am] nicopresto: the launchpad branch is at (~uwthw/sahana/rms)
     53[11:54am] mprutsalis: need to keep it simple for haiti-- you've seen the quality of data...
     54[11:55am] mprutsalis: so we post it all - make it searchable/listable by category....
     55[11:55am] mprutsalis: if you are on skype - I can add you to the chat room there working on this project
     56[11:59am] mprutsalis: oh whoa - that feed is really a mess
     57[12:00pm] nicopresto: yea
     58[12:04pm] flavour: feed is the main incident feed isn't it
     59[12:04pm] flavour: Not the 200 RMS line
     60[12:04pm] nicopresto: ok we'll separate the sms messages from our request table and offer another tab that shows simple/searchable SMS messages. Shouldn't take long and we could get to dev in ~2 hrs.
     61[12:08pm] nicopresto: ok so  we have 2 feeds (let's call it "4636") and (let's call it 'haiti"). We've been using "haiti" and will switch to "4636". We'll display that info in a separate tab. So we'll have 3 tabs at the RMS: "request aid", "pledge aid", and "view SMS requests" ... cool?
     62[12:09pm] nicopresto: similar to the php side bar (
     63[12:09pm] flavour: sounds good
     64[12:10pm] flavour: I see I need to work on the Map-based Lat/Lon entry urgently
     65[12:11pm] flavour: 4636 isn't XML?
     66[12:11pm] flavour: Just the way it displays in Chrome
     67[12:11pm] flavour: FF tries to open in Google Reader
     68[12:12pm] mprutsalis: 4636 replaced 200
     69[12:13pm] flavour: 200 was suppoosed to be vols accordint o chamindra but the data there seems an MPR
     70[12:15pm] mprutsalis: hunh... I think 200 is abandoned effort - that was going to be the shortcode in haiti for sms but they couldn't get control of it so migrated to 4636... is new data going into 200?
     71[12:19pm] flavour: Looks like 3 sample entries to me
     72[12:31pm] mprutsalis: update from ushahidi... they are making more features to the rss feed "in a bit"
     73[12:31pm] mprutsalis: [1:29:31 PM] Brian Herbert: but for now, you can do paging
     74[12:31pm] mprutsalis: [1:29:38 PM] Brian Herbert: just add &limit=0,50
     75[12:31pm] mprutsalis: [1:29:44 PM] Brian Herbert: that number works just like mysql
     76[12:31pm] mprutsalis: default is 50 items so you aren't going to surface all reports without using the limit
     77[12:32pm] mprutsalis: also - Katie Stanton from US State Department - latest project is connecting organizations who can donate things like laptops, generators, phones, etc. with those working on the ground.
     78[12:32pm] mprutsalis: I have offered up standard RMS functionality - you are working off those specs - for this....
     79[12:32pm] flavour: Great - we want uers
     80[12:32pm] flavour: Users
     81[12:33pm] mprutsalis: so much going on everywhere... hard to keep up.
     82[12:34pm] flavour: I think good if nico is the PoC for RMS
     83[12:35pm] mprutsalis: ok - nico I will introduce you to the 4636 room....
     84[12:35pm] nicopresto: great thanks
     85[1:36pm] nicopresto: mprutsalis: typo above (11:51am) I listed a link to an older php rms doc.  Our status is on
     86[2:04pm] mprutsalis: thanks nicopresto... the older doc is good overview for less technical like katie... that's why I used it.
     87[2:05pm] nicopresto: yes, that document was also very helpful for us
     88[2:15pm] }flavour{ joined the chat room.
     89[2:29pm] }flavour{: <mprutsalis> request management is priority focus...
     90[2:29pm] }flavour{: <mprutsalis> US State Department wants a registry of pledged in-kind donations from US organizations/companies - that can be matched with needs of organizations on the ground in haiti....
     91[2:31pm] nicopresto: we've got the georss going ... working on an interface
     92[2:32pm] nicopresto: we used the built in organization table, correct?
     93[2:32pm] mprutsalis: sure... if that works.
     94[2:32pm] mprutsalis: let me know when there is something to look at (in dev)
     95[2:34pm] nicopresto: ok we'll post our rough draft to branch in a few ... our database
     96[2:34pm] nicopresto: ... our database structure is flat and not very pretty yet ... working on it
     97[3:10pm] nicopresto: ok new georss cron just worked ... adding validation for duplicate guid fields then moving over to branch
     98[3:22pm] scopatz: Ok we are testing our cron job right now....this is the last step (for the moment!)
     99[3:27pm] nicopresto: starting to upload
     100[3:27pm] nicopresto: editing wiki
     101[3:31pm] scopatz: Pushed to lp
     102[3:32pm] scopatz: you should be able to grab our changes any time.
     103[3:33pm] scopatz: Note that we added a cron job for rms ( but commented it out
     104[3:33pm] scopatz: you should uncomment  for it to work
     105[3:34pm] flavour: ok, I'll get back to you for help if reqd
    31111<chamindra> Basically there will be loads of requests for aid coming from the field