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    1717=== STATUS ===
    18 '''production (100120@02:45CT)'''
     18'''production (100121@12:15UTC)'''
    1919  * view with sms feeds from Ushahidi
    2020   * disabled personal information fields (fname, lname, phone_num)
    21   * with with twitter feeds from TtT
     21  * view with twitter feeds from TtT
    2222  * SMS alerts on map viewer
    2323  * pledge system with simple flat-table extending sms feeds table
    2727  * in production
    29 '''experimental (100118@4:34CT)'''
     29'''experimental (100121@12:15UTC)'''
    3030  * launchpad branch (~uwthw/sahana/rms)
    31   * 3 tables request_aid, pledge_aid, match - building controllers/views
     31  * 2 tables request_aid, pledge_aid - building controllers/views
    3333=== TODO ===
    34   * build logic for matching pledge and request (PRIORITY)
    35    * match table that links request_item_id with pledge_item_id
     34  * build logic for matching pledge and request (PRIORITY)             
    3635   * percent completion (as pie graph) of pledge
    3736  * pledge dashboard showing multiple pledge items by pledge organization (joined resource commented out in branch)
    38   * icon showing status of pledge (red = unpledged, green = pledged)
    39   * standardize this wiki page with the other project pages (FB: No big need. This is Temp status...move longer-term goodness to [wiki:UserGuidelinesRMS UserGuidelinesRMS])
     37  * icon showing status of pledge set with represent (red = unpledged, green = pledged)
     38  * start moving docs to [wiki:UserGuidelinesRMS UserGuidelinesRMS])
    4039  * feed from Tweak the Tweet split feed into 2 tables: #offer & #help
    4140  * report generating functionality assings id (alpha, beta,...) to pledges every ~6 hours to facilitate tracking by relief organizations
     41  * connect comment fields to each pledge for follow-up and record keeping by the pledge donors. This table is commented out and can be connected as a component.
     43=== Strategy ===
     44We decided to combine the requests from different feeds into one table via the cron script. This has the benefit of transitioning from the current prod pledge system without changing the current tables. Also it means that feeds are stored "as is" for posterity. The origins are tracked with source (e.g. sms, tweet) and source id (ushahidi ID and TtTid). The source ids are necessary to close the loop with these groups by sending back info on which requests have been filled. The con is that there is duplication among tables.
    4346 * Bugs need triaging/fixing: