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    88Keep it real simple to start with - get something usable quickly, which we can then refine later if we gets needs to do so.
     11<chamindra> Basically there will be loads of requests for aid comming from the field
     12<chamindra> by sms, through calls and otherwise
     13<chamindra> and people will have to enter these (millions) of requests quickly into the system for tracking
     14<chamindra> there is no time for complex workflows and approvals, so the the system has to be extremely quick
     15<chamindra> if we can enter everything for a request in one html form that would be ideal
     16<chamindra> similarly there will be loads of people offering donations of aid of vairous things
     17<chamindra> often they cannot be used immidiately
     18<chamindra> but they need to be tracked so that when a need arrises the donation and the person who offered it can be found
     19<chamindra> This is the main objective of the request management system, to connect people wh o need aid and people who are offering it
     20<chamindra> however to do the matching you need to agree to some measures
     21<chamindra> I need 100 Kg of Rice
     22<chamindra> bit the person that pledges can only offer 40Kg
     23<chamindra> so you match it but note that there is 60Kg remaining to be delivered
     24<chamindra> but you need to track the remain that was not fulfilled
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