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    1 == Introduction ==
    2 Identification of The Deceased
    3 In the unfortunate case that a body does show up, identification needs to occur to show that it was the previously mentioned missing person, and not somebody else. Every available record that could be used for identification purposes needs to be utilized here such as dental records, DNA testing, and visual identification. Other forensic testing may need to be utilized.
     1= Project and Application Name =
     2'''BODYiD''' - Created by: Casey Piper, Kelsey New, and Alexander Herty
     4= Introduction =
     5Our project and application was created with the intention of being able to assist people in identifying the remains of the deceased in the wake of a disaster of any kind.
    6 == Description ==
     7= Project Desription =
     8Our application would offer the user two different options:
     91. '''Person Registry''' - An option to submit identifying information of a missing friend or loved one of the user who could be assumed dead. The user would be prompted to enter in information such as photos, age, height, weight, hair color, and practically any other kind of identifiers such as tattoos and birthmarks. The user will also be offered he option to enter in other information that they would deem necessary such as identification numbers or documents that could prove beneficial in helping identify a body. Once all the information has been submitted, it will be stored on a database that will be used in tandem with the second portion of the application to hopefully help identify dead bodies.
     102. '''Deceased Identification''' - This portion of the application would be utilized by morticians and other medical services to help assist them in the identification of the deceased. Once one of the before mentioned personnel choose this option, they will be prompted to enter information onto a predetermined template that asks for specific information such as a possible name, age, eye color, hair color, race, and like in the first portion of the application there will be an "other" option that can be used to input any other information that is deemed necessary to aid identification of the deceased. Once the user has submitted their form, it will match the submitted information to the database full of information submitted by people in the first portion. From that point, it will provide the "best matches" to the user in hopes that it identifies the body. If there are no matches, then the application will instead store the information into the database in the hopes that the stored information will instead match up with information input in the future by someone submitting their information in the Person Registry portion of the application.
    8 Our project is based around the identification of the deceased. This application will focus on two categories that will be utilized by two different groups of people.
    9  - The first focus will be for people who have a friend or loved one that is missing and they fear dead. For this group, the application will offer them the opportunity to upload information such as height, weight, eye color, race, sex, and other information of the person missing. All the information that is input at this point will be stored on a database to be used later on.
     12= Requirements =
     13'''This application will need to be able to run on a few different operating systems:'''
     14* Mac
     15* Windows
     16* All Linux enviornments
    11  - The second focus for this application is general towards coroners and other personnel who would be involved in identifying deceased individuals. The application would offer linkage analysis tools the identifiers to match the missing with those previously input into the database. A "best matched results" would be retrieved from the database.
     19* Android
     20* iOS
     22= User Cases =
     23'''Our user cases will utilize 2 people, 1 person per each portion of the application.'''
     24* First portion of the application:
     25   Jack Miles just survived a earthquake. After a few days, Jack notices that he hasn't seen his neighbor in a few days and fear that he is dead. At this point, Jack downloads the application for his mobile phone and inputs all the information about his neighbor that he possible can in hopes that he will be found.
     27* Second portion of the application:
     28   After an earthquake strikes a town, a body is has been recovered and has been brought in to be examined. The medical professional in charge of performing the identification then submits all the information onto the application. The application then pulls aside a few possible matches, and after reviewing them the medical professional is then able to identify the dead body.
    16 == Design ==
     32= Design =
     35= Time Table and Other Important Tables =
    21 == Time Table ==
    22 [[Image(]]