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Identification of The Deceased In the unfortunate case that a body does show up, identification needs to occur to show that it was the previously mentioned missing person, and not somebody else. Every available record that could be used for identification purposes needs to be utilized here such as dental records, DNA testing, and visual identification. Other forensic testing may need to be utilized.


Our project is based around the identification of the deceased. This application will focus on two categories that will be utilized by two different groups of people.

  • The first focus will be for people who have a friend or loved one that is missing and they fear dead. For this group, the application will offer them the opportunity to upload information such as height, weight, eye color, race, sex, and other information of the person missing. All the information that is input at this point will be stored on a database to be used later on.
  • The second focus for this application is general towards coroners and other personnel who would be involved in identifying deceased individuals. The application would offer linkage analysis tools the identifiers to match the missing with those previously input into the database. A "best matched results" would be retrieved from the database.


Time Table

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