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     1== Chat Server Setup ==
     31) Download Openfire server tar file from
     4Recommended version: 3_9_1
     62) Using the .tar.gz, extract the archive to /opt :
     8sudo tar -xzvf openfire_version.tar.gz
     9sudo mv openfire /opt
     10cd /opt/openfire/bin
     11./openfire start
     13Doing this will enable web console.
     14Open the browser with url
     163) Follow through the onscreen steps to set up web console.
     17Basic Steps
     18Language Selection
     19Server Settings: Choose default
     20Database settings: Select embedded as of now since database integration is still in progress.
     21Profile Settings: Default (store users and groups in the server database)
     22Admin account: Give a valid email address for admin
     244) After logging into admin console go into server settings tab, go into HTTP Binding and enable “Clients can connect to this server using HTTP binding. ”. and save the settings.
     26The port numbers can be changed to whichever you like.
     27The default ports are 7070 and 7443.
     29Go to Server->Server Settings->HTTP Binding and enable script syntax.
     315) Go into plugins, from available plugins install
     32Client Control   
     33Presence Service
     34Search(will already be installed)   
     35User Creation
     36User import Export
     40If for some reason you cannot see available plugins you can upload jar files after downloading from
     426) Restart the Openfire server.
     44sudo /opt/openfire/bin/openfire restart
     47== Setup contact list for each user and greeting message ==
     491) Create a group called "everyone".
     50Users/Groups -> Groups -> Create New Group .
     522) Click enable in Contact List (Roster) Sharing.
     543) Enter “everyone” as Group Name and tick share group with additional users(after clicking select all users option).
     564) Go to User/Group -> Users -> Registration Properties
     585) Enter whatever message you want to welcome message box and click on save message.
     596) Enter the default group as “everyone” in default group box and click on save group.
     607) Then in the registration settings box at the top tick:
     61* Enable welcome message.
     62* Enable automatically adding of new users to a group
     63Click on Save Settings.
     658) Go to User/Groups -> Groups.
     66 Go to everyone group and manually add admin as the user to that group.
     68== Setup Status messages ==
     691) Go to Server -> Server Settings -> Presence Service and change presence visibility to Anyone.