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After installing Python:

Install Web2Py

As a Developer, it is best to run the Trunk version of Web2Py, so that you can fine-tune the version that you have installed & get involved with the Web2Py developer community.

bzr branch lp:~mdipierro/web2py/devel web2py

There are occasional issues with the latest Trunk, so you may need to try a slightly older revision.

cd web2py
bzr revno
bzr revert -r <earlier revision>

Install Sahana

As a Developer, you should generally run the Trunk version of Sahana, so that you can submit patches against the latest code:

cd web2py/applications
bzr branch lp:sahana-eden eden

NB Note the fact that we ensure that the name of the web2py application has no hyphen in, as otherwise it cannot run!

Install Eclipse

If you want a graphical debugger to set breakpoints & step through code then it is recommended to install Eclipse:

Developer Guidelines

Now, see how to put your installation to work:

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