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    77 * Install [ VirtualBox] & run a [InstallationGuidelinesVirtualMachine Virtual Machine] which includes a pre-configured Eclipse on an Ubuntu OS [[br]]
    88   //This is appropriate for getting started quickly, as browser and IDE setup has been done. The virtual machine itself will need some setup. The virtual machine desktop is limited to a rather small window, as it cannot currently be resized, nor made full-screen. Installing directly on your machine may be a better choice if you are interested in doing long-term Eden development.//
    10 == Install Python ==
    12 1. FIRST:
    13 * You WILL NEED Apple's Xcode Developer Tools ( (version 4.1 or later for Lion, 3.2 or later for Snow Leopard, or 3.1 or later for Leopard), found at the Apple Developer Connection site, on your Mac OS X installation CDs/DVD, or in the Mac App Store. Using the latest available version that will run on your OS is highly recommended. Ensure that the optional components for command line development are installed ("UNIX Development", plus "System Tools" in newer versions, or "Command Line Support" in older ones).
    14 * If you need some advanced GIS features of Eden. Before you proceed install the GDAL framework
    15  *
    17 2. Python:
    19 3. You also need to install some modules of python
    20 (You may want to consider using Pip for these installations)
    21 {{{
    22 STATIC_DEPS=true sudo easy_install lxml
    23 sudo easy_install shapely
    24 sudo easy_install reportlab
    25 sudo easy_install xlwt
    26 sudo easy_install pyserial
    27 sudo easy_install tweepy
    28 }}}
    30 4. In case you want to use PostgreSQL - PostGIS (I assume you already installed the spatial modules before)
    31  Install the one clickInstaller sponsored by EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL and select also installation of postgis.
    32  Then based on this article install the python database driver
    33 {{{
    34 sudo easy_install pip
    35 PATH=$PATH:/Library/PostgreSQL/8.4/bin/ sudo pip install psycopg2
    36 defaults write Prefer-32-Bit -bool yes
    37 }}}
    38  without the last you will not be able to see available the PostgreSQL driver when web2py launch
    40 === Trouble? ===
    41  * {{{lxml}}} can give trouble on OS X.  Try:
    42   * {{{STATIC_DEPS=true sudo easy_install lxml}}} (adapted from [ this blog post])
    43   * remove other {{{libxml2}}} versions, such as may have been installed by {{{fink}}} or !MacPorts - ONLY works in unmodified python setup. In case you have modified your python you must link some how the python directory with /frameworks/python otherwise lxml will not being found(not tested)
    44  * Mac OS X: Xcode to compile some Python libraries:
    46 == Next ==
    47 Install Web2Py & Sahana:
    48  * InstallationGuidelines/Developer/PostPython