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    8484=== Package and deploy Eden ===
    86 Now locally create package your local Eden setup via the administrative interface.
     86Now locally create package your local Eden setup via the administrative interface. Then create a new application on your OpenShift by uploading the package.
    88 Then create a new application on your OpenShift by uploading the package.
     88To be able to do this, first you need to install Sahana Eden in your laptop. If you are using Ubuntu, the easiest possibility is to install the  [ windows version] using virtual machine such as [ Oracle Virtual Box].
     90There is a file called '' somewhere in your windows system. Find this using the windows explorer search facility. Probably it is located in C:\Users\Public\SahanaEden. Then double click to run this file. Wait until it shows a small window, choose server IP= Local (, enter a Password and press the 'Start Server' button. Your Web browser will directly trying to connect to that ip address. Stop it, and Go to:
     92Your browser will show the web2py admin page. enter your password and press Login.
     93Now, on the left side, you will see many button, one of them, under Eden dir is called "Pack all". Press this button, and wait until its done (will take some time). The result is a file called "", this is the package that needs to be uploaded into Openshift.
     95Use your browser, and go to: https://YOUR_APP_NAME-$, enter the administrative interface, enter your password, and press Login. Now, you are at the Openshift Web2py admin page. On the right side, you can see: "Upload and install packed application" section, fill in the Application name, and choose your "" file, and then press Install. It will take some time to finish the uploading process, if it is interrupted, just repeat the process.
     97When it is installed, you will see your Application name on the left side. Phew.
    9099Once Eden is installed you will need OpenShift to install a lot of the required packages and libraries for it to work.For that edit the file in the following way-
    98107Note that these are only some of the libraries - please add them as needed.
     108You can find the file in your own laptop. if you use Ubuntu, you can find it in /home/YOUR_APP_NAME.
     109After you change the file content, do:
     111$git add .
     112$git commit   # make sure you see file '' is included in the list.
     113$git push
    100 Commit these changes and push them to OpenShift.
     116If you are lucky, you can access Sahan Eden from Openshifht now. If not, pray for help might help you.
     117You can find your openshift Sahana eden web address from Web2py administrative page, folder 'your application name' (the one that you uploaded), move your mouse cursor above it, and you can see the web address.
    102119=== Updates ===