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    222214. This will start the web2py server on your created domain for this app ( in case of a free account)
    232315. You can now navigate to other tabs(or do other things) and the bash console will keep running as a separate thread. In order to kill the current console you can go to "Console" tab and kill the desired bash console from the list.
     25'''Creating MySQL Database'''
     261. In your pythonanywhere account go to Databases Tab
     272. Go to MySQL Tab
     283. Set the password for you MySQL connection then proceed
     293. In the Create Database portion enter the database name that you want, then click create.
     304 The details of you database will be shown once you have successfully created it.
     31   Database host address : ''''[[BR]]
     32   Database name : username$databasename
     34'''Connecting your Database to Eden'''
     351. Proceed to the File Tab and navigate to your '''' file. if you didn't change the name in the setup it will be in /home/username/web2py/applications/eden/models
     362. Uncomment and edit the following lines[[BR]]settings.database.db_type = "mysql"[[BR]] = "''''"[[BR]]settings.database.database = "''username$databasename''"[[BR]]settings.database.username = "''your pythonanywhere username''"[[BR]]settings.database.password = "''MySQL password you created''"
     373. Save it.
     384. Go back to your dashboard and proceed to Web Tab
     395. Click Reload and then proceed to accessing your Eden Site