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TurnkeyLinux Virtual Machine Maintenance Docs

In addition to the Developer Virtual Machine, there is a version based on a TurnkeyLinux Base Virtual Machine. This version is currently far out of date, and not in use.

It is best if the VM is maintained using the original VirtualBox image & then re-exported to OVF


Test Sahana Eden.


The following aliases have been setup:

alias w2p='cd /home/sahana/Desktop/web2py && python -S eden -M'
alias update='cd /home/sahana/Desktop/web2py/applications/eden && git pull'
alias update_w2p='cd /home/sahana/Desktop/web2py && git pull'
alias update_all='sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade -y;cd /home/sahana/Desktop/web2py && git pull;cd /home/sahana/Desktop/web2py/applications/eden && git pull'
alias clean="rm ~/.bash_history;cd ~/Desktop/web2py/applications/eden && rm -f databases/* && rm -rf cache/* && rm -f sessions/* && rm -f models/ && rm -f cron/crontab;sudo rm -f /var/log/*;sudo rm -f /var/cache/apt/archives/*;COLUMNS=200 sudo dpkg -l | grep ^rc | awk '{print $2} ' | xargs sudo dpkg -P"

Resume Uploads

If the scp upload fails, then can resume it using:

rsync -Pe ssh

Info only

The next 2 steps are unnecessary if exporting to OVF?

Overwrite the freespace with zeroes:

Compress the VDI disk image:


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