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     1== Howto build the Developer installer ==
     2=== Requirements ===
     3 * 7 Zip: []
     4 * NSIS: []
     5 * The attached folder
     7=== Instructions ===
     8Install 7 Zip and NSIS
     9Extract the folder attached to this wikipage
     10Download all dependencies/libs (Take a look into the Eden-python-Installer-Dev.nsi around line 157, they are listed there)
     12 * Put the python-2.7.2.msi in the same folder as the .NSI-file is
     13 * Use 7zip to extract all libary installers except numpy, pywin and scipy.
     14 * Copy the extracted files into the right folders:
     15    * Content of the PLATLIB folder into the site-packages/<LIBNAME>/ folder.
     16    * Scripts into the scripts/<LIBNAME>/
     17    * Dlls into dlls/<LIBNAME>/
     19Numpy and Scipy are compiled based on the processors SSE-Support, so they cant be extracted correctly. Pywin is also not extractable. Just copy the installers into the same folder as the .nsi file is. Name them scipy.exe, numpy.exe and pywin.exe. They will show up during the installation process later, but there is no easy way around that.
     21The next step is to prepare Web2Py and Eden.
     22Just copy web2py (with eden in it's "applications" folder) into the working-copy directory. Folder structure should be like that: /working-copy/web2py/<FILESHERE>. Make sure that you include the .bzr files, otherwise web2py and eden can't be updated later.
     24Now you are ready to compile the installer:
     25Open NSIS and click on "Compile NSI scripts" -> File -> Load script..., Select the NSI file and wait until compilation is complete. The installer should be in the same directory as the NSI file is, named Eden-Python-Installer-Dev.exe.