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Howto build the Developer installer



  • Install 7 Zip and NSIS
  • Downlod the build folder
  • Extract to a local folder
  • Download all dependencies as per InstallationGuidelines/Windows/Developer/Manual
    • Put the python-2.7.2.msi in the same folder as the .NSI-file is
    • Rename numpy-1.6.1-win32-superpack-python2.7.exe as numpy.exe
    • Rename pywin32-216.win32-py2.7.exe as pywin.exe
  • Use 7zip to extract all other library installers
    • Copy the extracted files into the right folders:
      • Contents of the PLATLIB folder into the site-packages/<LIBNAME>/ folder.
      • Scripts (IPython only) into the scripts/<LIBNAME>/
      • Dlls (Shapely only) into dlls/<LIBNAME>/
  • Copy web2py and eden to the working-copy directory. Folder structure should be: /working-copy/web2py/applications/eden.
    • Include the .git files, otherwise web2py and eden can't be updated later.
    • From web2py, remove httpserver.log
    • From eden, remove databases/*, errors/*, sessions/*, uploads/* & models/

Now you are ready to compile the installer: Open NSIS and click on "Compile NSI scripts" -> File -> Load script..., Select the NSI file and wait until compilation is complete.

The installer should be in the same directory as the NSI file is, named Eden-Python-Installer-Dev.exe.

  • this can then be uploaded to Trac server & placed in /var/www/downloads

Note: Numpy is compiled based on the processors SSE-Support, so it can't be extracted correctly. Pywin is also not extractable. Just copy the installers into the same folder as the .nsi file is. There is no easy way around that.

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