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Installation Guidelines: Windows - Developer (Manual)

If you are a Developer running Windows and wishing to install Python & all dependent libraries manually then this is the right page for you.

Install Python

2.7 is currently recommended. (2.6 works for all core functionality, but doesn't allow you to use the S3Cube pivot table functions)

NB 32-bit Python should be used even on 64-bit Windows:

Install Python Libraries

Windows users should generally use Windows Installers, where available



  • numpy required by matplotlib
  • SciPy required for S3Cube
  • MatPlotLib for charts (used in the Survey application & for the S3Cube pivottable reports)
  • PyTZ for Timezone awareness
  • PyWURFL for Browser Capabilities (unused currently)

Install Bzr

We use the Bazaar Distributed Version Control System Several downloads are available, but we recommend using the Python Installer:

Once you have done some hacking & are ready to share this with others, then register for an account on LaunchPad, generate an SSH Key, and then push to your branch:

  • Unzip to a folder in your path (e.g. 'windows')
  • set HOME = C:\Users\windowsusername (Best to do this in System Properties | Environment Variables to preserve across boots)
  • Create SSH keypair using ssky-keygen.cmd
    bzr whoami "Full Name <>"
    bzr add
    bzr remove
    bzr commit
    bzr launchpad-login mylpusername
    bzr push lp:~mylpusername/sahana-eden/mybranch


Install Web2Py & Sahana:

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