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Installation Guidelines: Windows - Developer

As a Developer running Windows, you have 3 choices:

  • Install Python & all dependent libraries using a simplified installer: InstallationGuidelines/Windows/Developer/Installer
    This installer currently provides Python 2.6 and is missing several Python packages. You will still need to do some browser and IDE setup.
  • Install Python & all libraries manually: InstallationGuidelines/Windows/Developer/Manual
    This option -- installing directly on your machine -- takes longer, but allows getting the latest versions of tools and packages. It may be a better choice if you are interested in doing long-term Eden development.
  • Install VirtualBox & run a Virtual Machine which includes a pre-configured Eclipse on an Ubuntu OS
    This is appropriate for getting started quickly -- e.g. if you're participating in a codeathon, or are deploying Eden in an actual event and need to make changes -- as browser and IDE setup has been done. The virtual machine itself will need some setup.
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