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Installation Guidelines: Windows - End-User

This is a very common use case for Emergency Management workers in the field with poor connectivity to central servers.

It can be run on a Laptop or even on a USB stick.

Install Sahana-Eden

This installer is for End-Users:

The installer contains both - a Portable version (for USB pendrives and external harddrives) and a Local version to be installed on the built-in harddrive. Sahana Eden requires a minimum of ~ 80MB free space, although more is recommended. NOTE: PDF-Support (reportlab) is currently broken in the installer-version. If you need it you have to install Python and the dependencies and get the current Eden-version from the VCS, not recommended for unexperienced users.

Launch Sahana-Eden

  • For the Local version: Either double-click on the shortcuts on your Desktop or the Startmenu or navigate to your installation directory and double-click on startweb2py.bat
  • For the Portable version: Either use the Autostart/USB menu if available on your Operating System (Windows XP or older) or run the start-eden.bat in the root directory of your portable drive.


Configure as Windows Service (optional)

 * Navigate to your Sahana Eden installation.
 * Right click on the and rename it to
 * Open the renamed file and set your settings in it. Save it afterwards.
 * Now navigate to the head-directory  of your Eden Installation (if you installed it to C:\Users\Public\SahanaEden\ it would be C:\Users\Public\)
 * Shift + Right click on the SahanaEden-Folder and click "Open Command-Prompt here"
 * In the Command-Prompt type "web2py.exe -W install"
 * Done! 

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