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Installation on MacOSX

Download Sahana Eden

If NOT being a Developer, then you can get the last stable release from:

NB The file should end in .w2p - if you have a trailing .gz after that, then remove it from the filename

Install Web2Py

NB This isn't well-tested...may be better off downloading the Source version:

Launch Web2Py

  • web2py.exe
  • Select a Password
  • 'click here for the administrative interface'
  • Enter same password

Install Sahana

  • upload application:
  • rename it: eden
  • submit



  • lxml can give trouble on OS X. Try:
    • STATIC_DEPS=true sudo easy_install lxml (adapted from this blog post)
    • remove other libxml2 versions, such as may have been installed by fink or MacPorts


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