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    99It is currently running the Ubuntu 10.04 OS with Web2Py-r2717, Eden-r1560 & Eclipse 3.6
     10== Usage Notes ==
     11=== Introduction ===
     12The dev env virtual machines for Virtualbox and VMware are based on a [ blueprint] and are configured to use have about 512MB of RAM. The virtual disk is configured to expand to 20GB.
    11 == Usage Guidelines ==
     14The virtual machine is built on [ TurnKey Linux's Core], which in turn is based on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid -- the most recent long-term support release).
     16The machines run [ Shellinabox], [ Webmin], and SSH/sftp as services from startup.
     18The development environment is configured to launch [ LXDE], a lightweight desktop environment after the first boot.
     19=== Credentials ===
     20Web2py administration password is set during the debugging process with either of the following commands and arguments, both of which would set the admin password to "admin":
     22/home/dev/ -a admin -i -p 80
     24/home/dev/ --password admin -i -p 80
     26==== Root User ====
     27Username: root
     29Password: to be determined
     30==== Dev User ====
     31Username: dev
     33Password: to be determined
     35=== Filesystem ===
     36Web2py is located in /home/web2py. Eden is located in /home/web2py/applications/eden. Eclipse and PyDev are preconfigured with this information.
     38=== Scripts ===
     39/usr/local/bin contains three helpful scripts. To run them, start LXTerminal (in the accessories menu) and simply enter the commands as demonstrated below. They are in all users' paths, so may be executed from any working directory.
     40==== Update web2py ====
     41Enter the command with or without a revision number, as demonstrated below:
     43update_web2py 2717 #updates web2py to rev 2717
     44update_web2py #updates web2py to recent revision
     46==== Import Eden ====
     48update_eden 1560 #updates Eden to rev 1560
     49update_eden #updates Eden to recent revision
     51==== Update Eden ====
     52Imports Eden to Web2py
     54import #updates Eden to rev 1560
     58== Legacy Usage Guidelines ==
    1259New usage notes are available [ here] and are in the process of being migrated to this page.