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Virtual Machine

This virtual machine has been built to allow Developers to get operational quickly (1.7 Gb):

It is in the Open Virtual Machine format for use in either VirtualBox or VMWare.

It is currently running the Ubuntu 10.04 OS with Web2Py-r2084, Eden-r889 & Eclipse 3.5

Usage Guidelines

  1. The ubuntu user and the admin account of web2py have the password set to: sahanaeden
  2. The web2py directory on the desktop contains the web2py release and a bzr branch of Eden Trunk located in
  3. Eclipse is preconfigured with the above directory.
  4. w2p is an alias to open an interactive web2py shell
  5. Firefox is pre-populated with Eden bookmarks.

Maintenance Docs

sudo su -
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
cd Desktop/web2py
bzr up
cd applications/eden
bzr pull

After removing any unwanted packages, purge the filesystem using:

COLUMNS=200 dpkg -l | grep ^rc | awk '{print $2} ' | xargs dpkg -P
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