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VMWare can't run with a Xen kernel :/

Sahana has been donated a dedicated server by Zen Internet.

This runs Xen to allow us to have a few different machines protected from each other.

Dom0 is run on Ubuntu 804:

We then have DomUs running the same OS for:

  • Trac
  • Demo
  • Testing
  • Hackfests

The Hackfest machine can be turned off between hacks to free up resources for the other systems.

The hackfest machine includes a Bzr repository & an Apache/WSGI instance with Admin accessible remotely. There is a CGI available to restart Apache when-needed.

The Testing machine could include a desktop accessible via VNC:

Accessing full 6Gb RAM:

Xen Management Tools:

Both VM technologies can be managed using OpenQRM in a DomU.

Nagios plugin for Xen:

Would be good to also add a Windows Test environment in VMWare Server, but VMWare can't run with a Xen kernel :/
(This CPU doesn't include vmx support :/)


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