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International Small Organization

Definition: An International Small Organization has between 1 and 20 employees who manage mission goals or volunteer groups to accomplish tasks. Group led and individual initiatives drive the small dynamic and creative organization for community well being. Often the presence of outside assistance or intervention requires sporadic reporting requirements. Organization communications occur via email, SMS or voice communications which can include phone, FM transmitter, HF/UHF systems and Satellite phone/internet on occasion. Word of mouth, flyers, SMS, voice, and community meetings all contribute to localized communication mechanisms. SMS and Voice is often prohibitively expensive, Internet can be intermittent and very slow, Power supply is often not reliable, Literacy and Technology availability varies a great deal between users.

The Need A means to share information between the community (stakeholders) as groups or individuals and the organization A means to share information between selected outside Aid Agencies, Governmental Actors and the organization A means to convey the status of outside activity to the stakeholders in a dynamic and 'alive' manner


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