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    8181 * Run the Selenium & Smoke tests in the default, DRRPP, SandyRelief templates. Identify any errors. We will probably need a way to define which Selenium tests can be run for which templates.
    8282* March 2013
     83 * The CI Server is still showing 2 failed Selenium tests and 6 failed smoke tests in the CI email. I would also like the smoke test to accurately report the number of tests run & failed. As well as if it fails.
     84 * Create a file for the SSF template based on the settings in Compare this to the “AidIQ” template that AidIQ uses: - they should have the same settings
     85 * Run the smoke tests on the SSF Template - fix or report the bugs
     86 * Use "Projects" to map deployments (Re-name crud strings using the settings.ui.customize_<resource_name> - see:
     87 * Ensure that Deployments (Projects) and Volunteers are displayed on the map
     88 * Re implement project_task_form_inject ( using S3SQLForm See: and and example here: - this is a big chunk of work. To ensure that you do this right I would like you to write some automated tests (using the create helper function should work) to check that your changes work.
    8389==== S.P Mohanty ====
    8490Mentor: Fran Boon