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    66There is also a wider discussion list for issues relating to the wider Sahana ecosystem:
    77 *
     9== Etiquette ==
     10* Don't ask to ask, just ask.
     11* The ideal way to ask the community for help would be to send a detailed email to the mailing list and then refer to that email whilst on IRC.
     12* Avoid private communication on IRC and email. It is better to send you messages to the public IRC channel and Mailing list. This way more than one person will be able to answer your questions and the answers could be useful for more than one person.
     13* Don't post emails to multiple mailing lists. Most community members are subscribed to multiple lists and getting the same email many times isn't helpful for them.
     14* Please respect the time of all members of the community. What is urgent for you may not be a priority for anyone else.
     16You could also read:
     17* Asking Smart Questions (
     18* How to get Support from Open Source (