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Meet Ups

1000 UTC 2nd May 2010

A more South Asia friendly meeting time!

2300 UTC 2nd May 2010 (4pm PDT)

Parallel to the SSF Annual Meeting. Hopefully there will a few people at the meeting who can jump on IRC and keep us updated virtually!

0600 UTC 17th April 2010


  • Introductions
  • Open
    • Wiki - How can we make it better?
    • (please enter your questions or what you would like to share/discuss here)
    • Say I have an arbitrary SQL query involving multiple tables. I would like to hand it to the database, then be able to use the result, e.g. as a view. (I don't necessarily just want to display this as a list in a form -- it might be an intermediate step in business logic.) How do I 1) get the query executed? 2) access the result? 3) use it in a form?
    • Are we still interested in a Work Out? Date? What outputs should we try to achieve?
    • New name.
  • Follow-Up Activities


  • Pat raised a good question about SQL queries, which has since kicked off it’s own email thread.
  • Robby and Gavin had a good discussion about how the survey tool could be extended to share data in EDXL messages. This is probably beyond the scope of a GSOC project, but good to keep in mind for the design.
  • Michael suggested using S3XRC for Shikhark’s importer project in order to enforce data validation.
  • Documentation
    • Praneeth recommended that code is “scrubbed” and has better comments and doc-strings.
    • Gavin commented that there were too many links.
    • There was a request for better basic documentation on BZR
    • Revision of documentation is best to wait until the SFF has decided on standard infrastructure.
  • It was agreed that it would be good for people to email this list to inform the community what they were working on
    • Weekly emails are possibly excessive for volunteers, but will be required from GSOC students.
    • Definitely notify the list when you add new features
    • Notify the list when you start, complete or give up on projects. This will hopefully increase collaboration and reduce overlap.
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