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    6868==== Accepted ====
     70* For RMS - additional fields needed:
     71  * Tick-box - "For Further Review" - this will tag a request as needing review by SOUTHCOM - based on current set of daily priorities - they will want to see a list of those items marked "For Further Review" and will manually want to validate the information as actionable.
     72  * Tick-box - "Validated" - once a request marked "For further review" has been validated, this will be used to identify validated actionable requests for immediate tasking by SOUTHCOM
    7074 * Add Register for new account and Login Links prominent on home/splash page
    7175 * Add '''Operating Room Status''' to list of services on Hospital entry/edit form - similar to Emergency Room, Clinical, Facility, Security fields now.
    7277 * '''Provenance of data''' - without adding any fields (at this time), we need to display the last time data records were updated and by whom - we should be able to pull from the last modified column and the registered user who made the modification.  This is especially important to allow for evaluation of how old data is and how often it is being updated.  Maybe a big bold splash on upper right when viewing a hospital record would say "Last modified on DDMMYY at HH:MM UTC by <Registered User>".  Or just show the data as additional field in form view or column in table view.
    7379 * For HMS - additional fields needed for hospital data:
    7480   * Road Status (comment field to describe road access to the facility).
    7581   * Ability to attach multiple meta-data tagged files (e.g. photos of the facility, scanned maps of the area and surrounding roads).
    7683 * For HMS - Locations:
    7784   * We need to manage additional "medical facilities" beyond hospitals.  I think we can do this now without further modification as one is not prohibited from entering something that is not a hospital after you select "add hospital". 
    7885   * Other feature classes that we can expect will be added to the HMS are: "field hospitals", "clinics", "pharmacies", and "helipads".  While it is easy to add these are locations and give them a different feature class and marker, there is no category within the HMS record itself, unless we pull it from the location feature class...  Can we do that? 
    79    * Of course, this may mean that we may need to be prepared change labeling from "hospital" to "medical facility" or "medical" (and HMS becomes relabeled as MMS).  Be prepared.
     87   * Of course, this may mean that we may need to be prepared change labeling from "hospital" to "medical facility" or "medical" (and HMS becomes relabeled as MMS - nursix: why MMS and not MFSARMS - Medical Facility Status Assessment and Request Management System :P).  Be prepared.
    8189==== Solved ====