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    2828  ||KABAP||Pre-Production||||lp:sahana/haiti-hms||Branch to abandon||
    2929  ||VITA||Demo||||||Main Development Line for HMS||
    30   ||PROD||Production||||lp:sahana/haiti-release||Final target branch for HMS||
     30  ||PROD||Production||||lp:sahana/haiti-release||Final target branch for HMS||[[BR]]
     31>>> globaliist says: I thought KAPAB was based on lp:sahana/haiti-release code?  Check with TimClicks.  This should function as a test/UAT environment for integrating with the other systems that are a part of this project.  Once KAPAB is ready to go live, will need to flush and set up sync with production.[[BR]]
    7476   ||HMSAdmin||access to everything in HMS||
     78>>> globaliist says: I like role-based systems.  Thanks.  Is this too complex?  How does it address above requirements which include OR, PR, RMS (not H-RMS) but this seems to create a level of complexity that will be hard to administer or is that more straightforward to implement based on the above requirements[[BR]]
    7680>> If the main concern is keeping certain data away from the general public, and we are time crunched, then a generic anonymous / read-only / read-write structure is fine...but this makes it very hard to change in the future.
    7881>> There is an more optimal method of assigning flags to users, which indicate what capabilities they are allowed, as opposed to role-based (nursix thinks: role-based ACL is a proven good solution, implemented by the web2py framework, so nothing we have to develop, and you can always add one "role" per user and thus establish an individual ACL)
    8083>> we've already leaked a good quantity of data to various search engines and blogs and whatnot. I imagine this current push is to secure future data we capture.
     85>>> globallist says: dzubey.... the requirements come from what I already explained - it has to do with the safety and security of relief workers... not because the data is otherwise sensitive. 
    8287==== Accepted ====