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08/17/10 23:06:12 (14 years ago)
Fran Boon



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    7070  * can we hide the field which the component is joined on?
    7171  * The action buttons seem a bit redundant - would just a single "open" going to the record with the rheader be enough? "edit" isn't quite descriptive
    72  * Move School Reports to CR (they are Shelters) (-> PTressel)
     72 * Shelter Registry
     73  *  These could be medical camps, cooked food outlet, clean water outlet etc.  Now these places do not have dwellings/housings, so not sure if these could be called shelters.  But we do need to create such facilities and assign them a location.
     74  * should be able to define “Type of Shelter/Camp”.  Possible value list should also be modifiable, with entries such as Medical, Food, Water, Sanitation, Reconstruction etc.
     75  * There could be multiple facilities in a shelter/relief camp. And that could make things a bit cluttered if we make different markers/feature classes for them. So let's not do it that way. Instead, the facilities in a shelter can either be chosen from a multi-select list box, or just provide them in the comments/facilities box (as plain text). And on the map, where it shows the shelter, it should show the comments as well, so that one could easily find the requisite facilities. These facilities should be searchable though.
     76  * Move School Reports to CR (they are Shelters) (-> PTressel)
    7377  * Link CR to RMS
     78   * Someone could post a request for supplies/aid items at a certain camp/shelter.  Therefore, optionally, one should see a combo box of Shelters/Relief Camps, and choose from there.  We can also use auto complete in the Shelter/Relief Camp text box, as the number of shelters would be large; or we can use Ajax to populate the combo box of shelters that are registered at a location, after the user chooses the location.
    7479  * Provide Estimations of Requirements
    75  * Fresh water source PoIs
     80 * Fresh water source !PoIs
    7681  * Water !FeatureClass is there in the Programme !FeatureGroup, so can be added already although a nicer UI would be great
    7782   * Could use the Landmark model as a basis:
     83  * Could also have a custom map query which displays a Water layer for all Shelters which provide Water Services
    7884 * .represent for irs_iimage.image as a thumbnail (like for gis_marker)
    7985 * When adding a Union Council from a School Report, would be nice to have the Parent pre-populated too