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We have a site up to support the Floods Response in Pakistan.


A new SitRep module has been built to manage:

  • Flood Reports
  • Assessments from WFP
  • School Reports

Data Entry tasks

Data can be found here:

These can be uploaded as files, but we really want volunteers using a Mechanical Turk process to input the data into the structured fields. We're hoping that the XLS can be imported using our new Spreadsheet Importer, so the focus should initially be on the PDFs.

  • Add Lat/Lon to some of the Districts (just those in Wikipedia have so far been added)
  • Add Local Names/URLs to the Provinces/Districts (Wikipedia have these)
  • Add Rivers from uploaded Flood Report
  • Add Locations from uploaded Flood Report
  • Add School District Reports
    • Enter School Reports within each District
  • Add Organisations from WFP Assessments
  • Add Union Councils from WFP Assessments
  • Add Villages from WFP Assessments
  • Add WFP Assessments' Data

Feature Requests

  • onvalidation to total male+female in the School Reports (=>Dominic, done)
  • .represent for irs_iimage.image as a thumbnail (like for gis_marker)
  • Move School Reports to CR as more related to that functionality?
  • When adding a new Location, pass along the appropriate Level (L3 for Assessments, L1 for Schools) (=>Fran)
  • Reports
    • jqplot?
    • Map
      • KML XSLT (=>Dominic)
    • Would be good to write a custom PDF writer for this format of report so we can consider getting people to enter data into DB directly.
      • split column headers
  • PDF Importer?
  • Test the XForms controller with component resource to have OCRable forms to collect this info

(dominic) A nice printable HTML works as good as custom PDF, but can be achieved sooner


  • Adding a Union Council from a School Report fails to close popup (although entry is added to the DB) (fixed in VITA branch)
    • Would be nice to have the Parent pre-populated too

Adding a local name fails

Fixed :)

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