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We have a site up to support the Floods Response in Pakistan.


A new SitRep module has been built to manage:

  • Flood Reports
  • Assessments from WFP
  • School Reports

How To Pages

Need someone to contribute docs on how to enter the data for each category.

Locations Hierarchy

  • L0: Country (Pakistan)
  • L1: Province (Khyber-Pakhtunwa/Sindh)
  • L2: District
  • L3: Union Council
  • L4: Village

Data Entry tasks

Data can be found here:

These can be uploaded as files, but we really want volunteers using a Mechanical Turk process to input the data into the structured fields. We're hoping that the XLS can be imported using our new Spreadsheet Importer, so the focus should initially be on the PDFs.

  • Add Lat/Lon to some of the Districts (just those in Wikipedia have so far been added)
  • Add Local Names/URLs to the Provinces/Districts (Wikipedia have these)
  • Add Rivers from uploaded Flood Report
  • Add Locations from uploaded Flood Report
  • Add School District Reports
    • Enter School Reports within each District
  • Add Organisations from WFP Assessments
  • Add Union Councils from WFP Assessments
  • Add Villages from WFP Assessments
  • Add WFP Assessments' Data

Feature Requests

  • Restructure/Documentation:
    • Report = unstructured data from general public (IRS focus)
    • Assessment = structured data from organisation (Focus of new Assessment module which includes the WFP Assessments & the Rapid Assessment Tool)
    • Move School Reports to CR (they are Shelters)
      • Link CR to RMS
      • Provide Estimations of Requirements
  • Inventory Management (-> Michael)
  • Fresh water source PoIs
  • .represent for irs_iimage.image as a thumbnail (like for gis_marker)
  • When adding a Union Council from a School Report, would be nice to have the Parent pre-populated too
  • Reports
    • Summary info (similar to the SUMMARY-FAP.pdf & WFP .ppt)
    • jqplot?
    • Map
      • KML XSLT (=>Dominic)
    • Would be good to write a custom PDF writer for this format of report so we can consider getting people to enter data into DB directly.
      • split column headers
      • (dominic) A nice printable HTML works as good as custom PDF, but can be achieved sooner
  • Pull in data from Ushahidi instance:
  • Setup GeoServer & import GeoData into that for more advanced GIS
  • PDF Importer?
  • Test the XForms controller with component resource to have OCRable forms to collect this info

Rotary Club

Rotary Club are training 750-1000 volunteers to collect data.

  1. We should be able to register volunteers, and assign them to geographic regions. This would help us query and know the number of people working in each geographic area.
  2. Volunteers belonging to a group (like geographic area) could then be sent messages via SMS service. So an interface to let us do that that would be great.
  3. When our volunteers go out, they would enter data about the status of inventory at their locations, and items required urgently. They would also be able to update the status of a shelter, in that they may setup a place as a shelter and provides its Lon/Lat, or they may remove a place as shelter for it may have been inundated too.
  4. We want to record damages to people/life, and property. Currently, we can record life losses in Incident Reporting, while property losses can be registered in Situation Reports & Assessments.
  5. We can also record loss to farm animal and cattle. There could be (a) field(s) to do that. Instead of going for a table of animal and then entering the number of lost animals, we could give an open text field.
  6. We want to see the Situations, Assessments, Schools and Flood Reports to be visible on the map as well. Can that be done?
  7. We would love to see an option where we could define a warehouse/shelter/school, where we could mention the inventory available there, and their count. This feature is available in Agasti. If provided, our volunteers would be able to trace themselves the items they need and where they are placed.
  8. Missing Persons:
  • When adding a new missing person, we would need to provide his hometown (from where he was lost) and the location of his residence. Like someone could be missing from a camp/shelter in Peshawar, while his residence would be in Swat.
  • When reporting a missing person, we should be able to provide his photo too. This should be optional.
  • An option should be there, like a status/flag, to tell if the person has been found. Additional information like “where from” would be an added plus, but not essential.
  1. When entering a shelter or inventory, we would like to identify the city/location where it is located. This is the first anchor of reference. Also, we should be allowed to (optionally) provide coordinates, or point the location on the map. That way, it should be visible on the map when someone takes a view of the map with shelter, inventory and incident overviews. This would be very helpful.
  2. Since I can see the situation and incidents are different in the system, “Situation” should also be available in the map overlays.
  • Format of Data: Unknown but maybe ECB's Rapid Assessment Tool - Fran will code this up as a module
  • Want to be able to collect data on offline laptops & sync to base
    • This means that the schema for this module is pretty fixed as we can't update remote laptops
      • Extra data can be incoporated into comments fields for transferring to new optional fields centrally by-hand
      • Can still develop UI tweaks to ease data entry (just won't be visible to remote laptops): Labels/Help
      • Can still develop Reporting functionality
      • Can still develop other modules
    • Power may be an issue, so best to have printed copies of the Assessment Tool as well
    • Sync process should be tested thoroughly (even if kept to a very simple Data upload facility)
  • SMS
    • Outbound to alert teams (working with a local telco to get details)
    • SMS inbound for them to report incidents (separate to the general public whose reports we can pull from Ushahidi so can use the general shortcode)
  • Volunteer Management? (We have a lot of volunteers being managed here!)


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